Thematic Trails

The Lizard, Cornwall

These books examine the geology and wildlife of the Lizard Peninsula as well as providing detailed descriptions of suitable landscape walks through this landscape. Photograph of Map of Cornwall trails.


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Photograph of book Wild flowers of Lizard.

BENEATH THE SKIN OF THE LIZARD Robin Bates & Bill Scolding.
ISBN 978-1-898166-09-9 Cornwall County Council 2000 £3.75
36 Pages. A5 Over 100 colour illustrations. 8 maps. After a brief introduction to the unique geology of the area, seven coastal walks explore the geology of the Lizard peninsula. Sites include the Lizard Point, Kynance Cove, Mullion Cove, Kennack Sands, Coverack, Porthallow and Gunwalloe. An identification guide with individual illustrations helps the explorer to identify most of the rocks found on the Lizard.


Photograph of book Wild flowers of Lizard.

WILD FLOWERS OF THE LIZARD Robin Bates and Bill Scolding.
ISBN 978-1-903798-01-0 Cornwall County Council 2002 £3.75
36 pages A5. This book is a field guide which introduces you to virtually all the flowers you are likely to come across as you walk on the Lizard. The guide is supported by pictures and descriptions of almost 200 flowers as well as tracing their roots through folklore, myth, magic and medicine. A booklet which enhances any explorer’s pocket for whatever reason you are interested in the Lizard. Seven local walks are recommended.

ISBN 978-1-898166-58-0 Cornwall County Council 1999.£2.99
32 pages A5 Over 80 illustrations. 6 maps. Full colour.
What is a good ‘walking companion’? Well this is. In these local landscape walks, nature is mixed with history, industry with picnic spots and even cowpats with pilchards. In fact anything that you might come across on these walks is given an extra zest – not pedantic explanation but just the thoughtful comment that adds interest to walks taken, almost virtual-reality wise, in the company of these two men with a deep local knowledge.

FIVE WALKS FROM THE LIZARD Robin Bates & Bill Scolding
ISBN 978-1-898166-51-1 Cornwall County Council 1996 2001 £3.75
32 Pages A5 Over 70 illustrations. 6 Maps. Full colour.
A true walking companion, adding explanation and interest to the many questions which naturally arise when walking in this landscape, be they stimulated by history, flowers, bird life, shipping, geology or the landscape itself.

FIVE WALKS AROUND ST KEVERNE Robin Bates & Bill Scolding
ISBN 978-1-898166-22-1 Cornwall County Council 1997 £2.99
32 pages A5 Over 80 illustrations. 6 Maps. Full colour.
Another pleasant ‘walking companion’, drawing on a wealth of local knowledge to arouse interest in so many things in the the local landscape which are so easy simply to walk past in ignorance. A thread of history links much of what we experience in this landscape yet attention is also drawn to the beauty of both the landscape and of nature and the bonus that knowledge gives us as we walk in such places.