Thematic Trails

Jurassic Coast, Dorset and South-east Devon

The following books cover the geology, landforms and wildlife of this World Heritage Coast

JURASSIC COAST GUIDE; a walk through time. Cover of Jurassic Coast book
Edited by Denys Brunsden Coastal Publishing £4.95
64 pages (A5). 150 images. This guide to the Jurassic coast is a comprehensive companion for anyone visiting this coast and is endorsed by the World heritage Site team. It includes the rocks, fossils and features that make it a place of global importance. It introduces the key places along the coast and suggests activities to help you explore the area and make the most of the 185 million years of the history of the Earth that is laid out in 95 miles of stunning coastline. There is guidance on fossil collecting, an explanation for the coastal evolution of the coast and a large fold-out map for exploration.

THE JURASSIC COAST an aerial journey through time Peter Sills and Robert Jurassic from the airWestwood with a forward by Denys Brunsden.
Coastal Publishing. 2011.
ISBN 978-1-907701-02-3
126 pages £9.95

59 full-page (220 x 220mm) of stunning colour plates of the coast from the air, supplemented by an equal number of pages of illustrations, maps, diagrams and text explaining each of the landscape viewed on the facing page. A glorious celebration of 185 million years of Earth history.


WESTJurassic red coast

THE JURASSIC COAST  (THE RED COAST REVEALED) - Exmouth to Lyme Regis. Richard A Edwards. ISBN 978-0-9544845-4-5 Coastal Publishing 2008 £9.95
128 pages A5. 190 illustrations. Full colour. Fold-out map geology map of the red coast. After a geological introduction to time and the landscapes of the Red Coast, a journey is made through the rocks and coastal landscapes between Exmouth and Lyme Regis.

Isle of Purbeck - Geology
GEOLOGY OF THE JURASSIC COAST (THE ISLE OF PURBECK) – Weymouth to Studland. Paul Ensom and Malcolm Turnbull.
ISBN 978-1-907701-00-9
Coastal Publishing 2011. £9.95
128 pages (A5). 190 illustrations. Full colour. A study of the remarkable geology and landforms of the eastern end of the Jurassic coast known as the Isle of Purbeck.

(The Axmouth to Lyme Regis National Nature Reserve) Written by Donald Campbell and edited by Prof. Denys Brunsden
ISBN 978-0- 9544845-2-5 Coastal Publishing 2006 £4.95
64 pages (A5). 120 photographs and illustrations (full colour). Introducing the flora and fauna, the fossils, the people and the history associated with this unique area between Axmouth and Lyme Regis, including an explanation of the geology and landscape of the coastal landslides.

Bryan EdwardsCover of Wild Jurassic Coast book
ISBN 978-0-9544845-3-8 Coastal Publishing 2008 £4.95
96 pages A5. 190 illustrations in full colour with extensive use of O.S. maps.
This is a exploration of a really special series of habitats with an integrated and well-illustrated guide to recognising plants and wild life on this unique coast. The geology of the Jurassic Coast has given rise to particularly diverse habitats and is home to a wide range of internationally important species, some of which are found nowhere else on Earth!

BENEATH YOUR FEET (West Dorset rocks and landscape)
Dorset’s Important Geological & Geomorphological Sites Group (DIGS) 2004 £3.75
A5. 43 pages. 32 colour plates. 19 figures and maps.
Pocket folder containing five 8 page booklets covering the landscape of West Dorset.
1. Hardy Monument – Portesham Farm – Corton (8.5km (5.25 mile) circular walk along recognised bridleways and minor roads).
2. Abbotsbury Area (10km (6 mile) walk on marked footpaths, with several steep hill climbs and a descent that can be slippery in wet weather).
3. Burton Bradstock – Wanderwell (8km (5 mile) round walk along Jurassic coast).
4. Symondsbury Area (5.5km (3.5 mile) circular walk along marked footpaths and lanes and a walk around the village).
5. Golden Cap and Hardown Hill (7km (4.5 mile) walk on marked footpaths and lanes wit some steep gradients and muddy paths in wet weather).


Image of Ballard Down book BENEATH YOUR FEET (Landscape of Purbeck & Poole Bay cliffs)
Dorset’s Important Geological & Geomorphological Sites Group (DIGS) 2005 £3.75
A5. 43 pages. 23 colour plates. 16 figures and maps.
Pocket folder containing five 8 page booklets covering the landscape of Purbeck and Poole Bay cliffs.
1. The Chalk Ridge: Corfe Castle to Ridgeway Hill. (9 km (6 mile) walk along bridleways, footpaths and minor roads)
2. The Chalk Ridge: Corfe Castle to Ulwell. (Whole route, 13km (8mile) but walk can be shortened using public transport).
3. Acton – Langton Maltravers – Dancing Ledge. (6.5km (4 mile) walk on footpaths and pavements around quarrying area).
4. Agglestone – Studland – Ballard Down (11km (7 mile circular walk over footpaths, minor roads and beach)
5. Poole Bay Cliffs: Bournemouth Pier to Poole Head. (5km (3 mile) walk if returning along same route).


THE POXWELL PERICLINE (geology in the landscape)
Dorset’s Important Geological & Geomorphological Sites Group (DIGS). 2008 10p
A5. 8 pages. 3 colour plates. 3 figures and maps.
Geology in the landscape. A walk and exploration of the landscape and its controlling geology around the Poxwell pericline. Poxwell lies 2km east of Osmington on the A353.