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RURAL LIFE IN THE VALE OF WHITE HORSE 1780-1914 Nigel Hammond ISBN 978-0-9522467-0-1 Rectory Orchard Books 1993. 166 pages. 73 illust. This book deals with the social, economic, political, agricultural and industrial activity of the four towns: Abingdon, Faringdon, Wallingford and Wantage, and the numerous rural settlements scattered between them. Subjects include enclosure, farming techniques, the Berkshire Pig, weights and measures, markets and fairs, village fetes, the canals, the Great Western Railway, turnpikes, the Wantage Tramway and fox hunting. Upon the untimely death of Nigel Hammond Thematic Trails acquired the entire remaining stock of this remarkable book. Marked price £7.95. Thematic Trails price £3.
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Kenneth Addison ISBN 0-9511175-3-X ALP. 1988. 30 pages.
21 illustrations. Ice, in the last main glaciation, carved a glacial highway through the heart of Snowdonia so boldly as to ensure that Nant Ffrancon is amongst the best known natural landmarks in Britain. The phenomenon is explained in a way that is understandable to both specialist and visitor.

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A GUIDE TO SHORE ANGLING ON THE NORTH DEVON COAST AND LUNDY Peter Lace ISBN 978-0-9524945-0-8 1994. A5 booklet of 52 pages. A 'classic' booklet introducing visitors to shore angling at a range of recommended locations from Lynmouth to Hartland. A limited 'windfall' of this out-of-print book is held by Thematic Trails. This booklet is as new except for occasional discoloured staples due to long storage.
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BURRATOR: DARTMOOR LANDFORM TRAIL (First edition) Peter Keene and Mike Harley ISBN 978-0-86139-385-5 (NCC 1987) 22 pages 11 illustrations. On a 9 km (6 mile) circular walk, often over rough ground, this physical geography or geology orientated field-exploration, examines some of the features which make up the distinctive landscape of Dartmoor. “Evolution of a Dartmoor Landscape” 2001 (see main catalogue) is a 2nd edition based on shorter public walks based on car park access.
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